The fellow Australians that rely on the Beetaloo resources being fast-tracked need your help.

Our mission is very simple – Tell the Federal and Territory Governments to unlock the Beetaloo Basin to benefit all Australians.

The overwhelming majority of Australians support the gas sector and what it can do for both the economy and the environment: we deserve to be heard. Recent independent research show supporters of gas outweigh the detractors, and only 7% of Australians are strongly opposed to gas.

Moreover the quality of the Beetaloo resource and its ultra-low naturally occurring CO2 (~2%) content make it an obvious catalyst for true progress for Territorians.

Unfortunately there are numerous activists from thousands of kilometres away from the Territory who are driven on depriving us from this once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunity. Most of them genuinely could not find the Beetaloo on a map let alone know anything about the communities that would actually benefit.

So please we need your help to overcome those who do not know us or represent us.Jump on-board and tell those in power that you #BackBeetaloo


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